Saturday, August 02, 2008

squawkin' tern : lost on a sandbar

I just did a drawing for the header of "Lost on a Sandbar." It's a blog by my friend Dennis who is one of those crazy East Coast surfers. Like NORTH of DelMarVa crazy! Like surfing in 40 degree (fahrenheit) water hypothermia crazy! Anyway, he and I have been down since birth, literally, and when he asked me to hook him up with a drawing I was more than happy to oblige.

I have always loved shore birds and gulls and the like (even though they tend to get a bad rap by most beach goers) so I drew this squawking tern. He's all "LAY OFF MY FISH!" but he's also trying to be a little polite about it (it's in his eyes). I see terns and gulls how I see someone who lives in New York and calls Rockaway their local break- resourceful and thankful for what they can get.

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