Friday, April 03, 2009

CalArts MFA Open Studios, April 26, 2009

The CalArts MFA Open Studios are coming up. Now's your chance to peek and poke into my studio and see what I've been up to this year. I'll have snacks! Oh, and I'll be playing the after-party with Party People at 7PM. Be there.

Info here:

Keith Rocka Knittel: "Low Frequency Amplification Unit 1," 2009
(studio view)
MDF pyramid bass bin tombs playing a modified audio track, amplifier, paint, audio cables
CalArts MFA Open Studios, Valencia, CA

Keith Rocka Knittel: "Unappeased Ghost Incessantly Circling," 2009 (video still)
Multi-media installation
CalArts MFA Open Studios, Valencia, CA

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for being open enough to actually openly ask for cash from people. I graduated in '08 and got viciously attacked for doing the same thing. Art school ain't cheap.