Sunday, September 27, 2009

Keith Rocka Knittel Presents: September!

Keith Rocka Knittel: "Septembr9," 2009
Digital audio file™

Here's a mix I made last week, inspired by the "Pomposelli x Party People" installation and performance in Carl Pomposelli and my adjoining studios.  I was closed in Carl's studio where I djed for an audience in my studio, whom I could not see.  The audience could view into Carl's studio via a live video feed projected onto the wall in my studio.  The audio from my dj set was playing through a p.a. also in my studio, which was installed amongst mini-installations and a projected animation by Carl.  Peep holes (or glory holes) and a pin hole camera were cut in the walls between the two studios for direct contact.

The mix consists of loops of songs, overlapped and sculpted to mimic the arcs and dips of a dj club mix but with no apex or nethermost floor. No song plays in its entirety- only in chopped up pieces, some times more recognizable than others. Versions of some emerge, disappear, and revisit the mix in an attempt to represent the fuzziness of time and memory.

It's a roughly thirty minute mix.  Sometimes up to five loops are playing at a time.

Tracks I Took From:
Destroy Wendy Williams - Keith Rocka
Birthday Sex - Jeremih
My Melody - Stu
Apache - Incredible Bongo Band
Windows Media Player - Charles Hamilton
Monsters - Kid 606
Fuck Off - Yerzmyey
Blow Ya Head - The JBs
Tokyo Boy - Sabrepulse
Emerge (DFA Remix) - Fischerspooner
What's A Girl To Do (remix) - Cristina
The Other Woman - Ray Parker, Jr.
Spooks in Space - Aural Exciters
Hot Chick - Uffie
I'm in Love With a Ripper (Party Mix) - Yacht
Busta v. Mario - Stolen From YouTube
Losing My Edge - LCD Soundsystem
Mutant Wisdom - Richard Bone
Woof Woof - Dan Deacon
Beach Culture - The Thompson Twins
Triumph of a Heart (Video Mix) - Bjork
Charlie Brown (DJ Technics Remix) - Debonair Samir
Deli - Delorean
Mario's HA (Bonus Beat) - Bama Bounce
Playmate (feat. Roxy Cottontail & Lacole "Tigga" Campbell) - Armand Van Helden
PPXCP- Keith Rocka
I Hold The Crown (Gigi Barocco Remix) - Redman
Pop Champagne - The Clipse
Freaky Tales - Too $hort

As always, best on headphones, in a car, or loud on decent speakers. Pass it on, but give me credit please.

Download it for a week here:
Keith Rocka September Mix

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